These SPOOKY Halloween Midis have been collected from deepest crypts of the internet, and are unveiled in their original MIDI form, as well as in .OGG format. I used Coolsoft's VirtualMIDISynth with a Roland GS soundfont to produce these OGG files. Click the .ogg links to hear a rendered version, or click the full filename to download the midi.
Updated for 2021 with 100+ more MIDIs

A Reflection.mid (OGG)

Adagio.mid (OGG)

Addams Family Theme 1.mid (OGG)

Addams Family Theme 2.mid (OGG)

Addams Family Waltz.mid (OGG)

Alien.mid (OGG)

AOT.midi (OGG)

Atlantis.mid (OGG)

Auralite.mid (OGG)

Ball.mid (OGG)

Ballad.mid (OGG)

Bard Dance.mid (OGG)

Bat Attack.mid (OGG)

BatSwarm.mid (OGG)

Batwings.mid (OGG)

Beast.mid (OGG)

Beetlejuice.mid (OGG)

Benedictius.mid (OGG)

Bewitched.mid (OGG)

Beyond.mid (OGG)

Black Hole.mid (OGG)

Blackened Soul.mid (OGG)

Bladerunner.mid (OGG)

BladeRunner2.mid (OGG)

Blood Rose.mid (OGG)

Blood.mid (OGG)

Bloodsucker.mid (OGG)

Bone Hunt.mid (OGG)

Caged Horror.mid (OGG)

Candyman.mid (OGG)

Carmine Burana.mid (OGG)

Carnage.mid (OGG)

Casper 1.mid (OGG)

Casper 2.mid (OGG)

Castle of Blood.mid (OGG)

Catacombs.mid (OGG)

Cemetary.mid (OGG)

Chamber Door.mid (OGG)

Chamber.mid (OGG)

Chase.mid (OGG)

Chasm.mid (OGG)

Children of the Grave.mid (OGG)

Clowns.mid (OGG)

Congo.mid (OGG)

Creation.mid (OGG)

Creep.mid (OGG)

Creeping Surprise.mid (OGG)

Crypt Passage.mid (OGG)

Crypt.mid (OGG)

Crystal Caves.mid (OGG)

Curses.mid (OGG)

Daggerfall.mid (OGG)

Danse Macabre (v1).mid (OGG)

Danse Macabre (v2).mid (OGG)

Dark Angel.mid (OGG)

Dark Caverns.mid (OGG)

Dark Flames.mid (OGG)

Dark Forces.mid (OGG)

Dark Places.mid (OGG)

Dark Shadows 2.mid (OGG)

Dark Shadows.mid (OGG)

Darkness.mid (OGG)

Darkside Night.mid (OGG)

Deadly.mid (OGG)

Deadsouls.mid (OGG)

Death March.mid (OGG)

Death Mask.mid (OGG)

December Night.mid (OGG)

Deep Red.mid (OGG)

Defeated.mid (OGG)

Deformed.mid (OGG)

Demon Tears.mid (OGG)

Descent 2.mid (OGG)

Descent.mid (OGG)

Devil.mid (OGG)

Dismay.mid (OGG)

Dollroom.mid (OGG)

Dont Fear The Reaper 2.mid (OGG)

Dont Fear the Reaper.mid (OGG)

Doom.mid (OGG)

Doomed.mid (OGG)

Doorbell (v2).mid (OGG)

Doorbell.mid (OGG)

Dracula's Trap.mid (OGG)

Draculas Castle.mid (OGG)

Dragon Lair.mid (OGG)

Dune.mid (OGG)

Dungeon 2.mid (OGG)

Dungeon.mid (OGG)

Eerie Bells.mid (OGG)

Eerie.mid (OGG)

Elfin.mid (OGG)

Emperor.mid (OGG)

Endless Road.mid (OGG)

Entrance.mid (OGG)

Epic Darkness.mid (OGG)

EpicHorror.mid (OGG)

Eulogy.mid (OGG)

Even Snow Dies.mid (OGG)

Evil Elves.mid (OGG)

Evil Queen.mid (OGG)

Evil.mid (OGG)

Evillust.mid (OGG)

Exorcist Theme.mid (OGG)

Faceless.mid (OGG)

False Prophet.mid (OGG)

Fangs.mid (OGG)

Fear Factory.mid (OGG)

Fearmare.mid (OGG)

First Contact.mid (OGG)

Forgotten.mid (OGG)

Foyer.mid (OGG)

Freddy's Theme.mid (OGG)

Freddy.mid (OGG)

Friday The 13th (NES).mid (OGG)

Gallows.mid (OGG)

Gargoyle (2).mid (OGG)

Gargoyle.mid (OGG)

Ghost Night.mid (OGG)

Ghost Stalk.mid (OGG)

Ghost.mid (OGG)

Ghostbusters Theme.mid (OGG)

Ghostbusters.mid (OGG)

Ghostly Presence.mid (OGG)

Ghostly.mid (OGG)

Ghostrag.mid (OGG)

Ghosts.mid (OGG)

Ghoul.mid (OGG)

Goblinhorde.mid (OGG)

Goblins.mid (OGG)

Gold Skulls.mid (OGG)

Grave.mid (OGG)

Graveyard Symphony.mid (OGG)

Gutter Glitter.mid (OGG)

Hair.mid (OGG)

Halloween II.mid (OGG)

Halloween III.mid (OGG)

Halloween Spooks.mid (OGG)

Halloween Stalker Theme 2.mid (OGG)

Halloween Stalker Theme.mid (OGG)

Halloween Theme 2.mid (OGG)

Halloween Theme 3.mid (OGG)

Halloween Theme Remix.mid (OGG)

Halloween Theme.mid (OGG)

Halloween.mid (OGG)

Hallway.mid (OGG)

Haunt.mid (OGG)

Haunted (XG).mid (OGG)

Haunted Barn.mid (OGG)

Haunted Mansion 1.mid (OGG)

Haunted Mansion 2.mid (OGG)

Haunted Mansion 3.mid (OGG)

Haunted Mansion 4.mid (OGG)

Haunted Mansion 5.mid (OGG)

Haunted Mansion 6.mid (OGG)

Haunted Mansion 7.mid (OGG)

Haunted Mansion 8.mid (OGG)

Haunted Mansion 9.mid (OGG)

Haunted Violin.mid (OGG)

Haunted.mid (OGG)

Headless.mid (OGG)

Hell Strings.mid (OGG)

Hell.mid (OGG)

Hellspawn.mid (OGG)

Heresy.mid (OGG)

Heretic.mid (OGG)

Hitchcock.mid (OGG)

Ice.mid (OGG)

Imperial March 1.mid (OGG)

Irreverence.mid (OGG)

Jacklight.mid (OGG)

Jaws.mid (OGG)

Journey Down.mid (OGG)

Kain.mid (OGG)

Karavane.mid (OGG)

King.mid (OGG)

Last Stand.mid (OGG)

Laurie.mid (OGG)

Leviathan.mid (OGG)

Lightning.mid (OGG)

Lobby.mid (OGG)

Locked In.mid (OGG)

Loss.mid (OGG)

Lucretia.mid (OGG)

Mad Jester.mid (OGG)

March of the Dead.mid (OGG)

Mark Of Horror.mid (OGG)

Medieval.mid (OGG)

Menaced.mid (OGG)

Metroid (2).mid (OGG)

Metroid.mid (OGG)

Midnight Express.mid (OGG)

Midnight Guardian.mid (OGG)

Midnight.mid (OGG)

Monkey Poop.mid (OGG)

Monster (2).mid (OGG)

Monster Dance.mid (OGG)

Monster Mash (2).mid (OGG)

Monster Mash 3.mid (OGG)

Monster Mash 4.mid (OGG)

Monster Mash.mid (OGG)

Monster.mid (OGG)

Mood.mid (OGG)

Moonbath.mid (OGG)

Moonlight.mid (OGG)

Mountain King.mid (OGG)

Mummy.mid (OGG)

Murder.mid (OGG)

Mysterious.mid (OGG)

Mystery 2.mid (OGG)

Mystery.mid (OGG)

Never.mid (OGG)

Night (2).mid (OGG)

Night On Bare Mountain.mid (OGG)

Night Ride.mid (OGG)

Night Terror.mid (OGG)

Night Walk.mid (OGG)

Night.mid (OGG)

Nightmare On Elm Street.mid (OGG)

Nightmare.mid (OGG)

NigthtmareBeforeXmas.mid (OGG)

Nyx.mid (OGG)

Outer Limits.mid (OGG)

Overlord.mid (OGG)

Pathways.mid (OGG)

Phantasm 1.mid (OGG)

Phantasm 2.mid (OGG)

Phantasm Theme 3.mid (OGG)

Phantasmagoria.mid (OGG)

Phantom of the Opera 1.mid (OGG)

Phantom of the Opera 2.mid (OGG)

Phantom of the Opera 3.mid (OGG)

Pinleg (3).mid (OGG)

Pinleg.mid (OGG)

Poltergeist.mid (OGG)

Possessed.mid (OGG)

Psycho.mid (OGG)

Pure Evil.mid (OGG)

Ragnorak.mid (OGG)

Realms of the Haunting.mid (OGG)

Reaper.mid (OGG)

Reign of Terror.mid (OGG)

Rising Terror.midi (OGG)

Rogue.mid (OGG)

Sacred Sin.midi (OGG)

Sam the Spook.mid (OGG)

Scaremare.mid (OGG)

Scissorhands.mid (OGG)

Scorpian Bite.mid (OGG)

Screech.mid (OGG)

Seduced.mid (OGG)

Seed of Hate.mid (OGG)

Serpent.mid (OGG)

Shining.mid (OGG)

Shore.mid (OGG)

SilentRoom.mid (OGG)

Sky.mid (OGG)

Sleep.mid (OGG)

Spectre.mid (OGG)

Spooks on Parade.mid (OGG)

Spooky Bells.mid (OGG)

Spooky Night.midi (OGG)

Spooky.mid (OGG)

Spy in the Cab.mid (OGG)

Stairs.mid (OGG)

Summon.mid (OGG)

Sunset.mid (OGG)

Suspense.mid (OGG)

Suspenseful.mid (OGG)

Tales from the Crypt.mid (OGG)

Terminator II Theme 2.mid (OGG)

Terminator II Theme.mid (OGG)

Terror.mid (OGG)

The Horror.mid (OGG)

The Thing.mid (OGG)

Thriller.mid (OGG)

Timewarp.mid (OGG)

Tocatta (1).mid (OGG)

Tocatta (2).mid (OGG)

Tocatta 3.mid (OGG)

Tocatta 4.mid (OGG)

Tocatta.mid (OGG)

Tomb.mid (OGG)

Tower (2).mid (OGG)

Tower.mid (OGG)

Tower.midi (OGG)

Toyroom.mid (OGG)

Traffic.mid (OGG)

Twilight Zone.mid (OGG)

Ufo Scare.mid (OGG)

Upstairs.mid (OGG)

Vader.mid (OGG)

Vampir.mid (OGG)

Vampire Hunters.mid (OGG)

Vile.mid (OGG)

Walk in the Graveyard.mid (OGG)

Wind.mid (OGG)

Witch Hunt.mid (OGG)

Witchcraft.mid (OGG)

Witchhunt.mid (OGG)

Wrong Turn.mid (OGG)

X Files Theme 2.mid (OGG)

X-files Theme 1.mid (OGG)

Zombie Waltz.mid (OGG)