Small update to the layout of the lines section, as well as a few new links to some great websites, with more to be added soon, possibly as well as a new design for the links page! There have been a number of smaller fixes as well, such as fixing a few missing gifs, and fixing a 45 second song that got rendered with three hours of empty space!(Munsters Theme 2)

I am planning on releasing a larger update towards October with the addition of a new image gallery of classic horror, dark, and halloween images, 3d renders, and old wallpaper art found throughout my searches. With any large update, there will also be plenty more horror gifs as well!

I deeply appreciate every visitor and always hope to improve the experience of browsing the site, as well as expanding the collection to the greatest museaum of classic horror and halloween GIFs, MIDIs, and etc.


New guestbook since 123guestbook.com is (sadly) going away!!!
Thank you again to all who view and support this site!!


6 more demons
5 more ghosts
10 new skeletons
22 new skulls
10 new ghouls
8 new haunted houses
1 new mummy
10 more tombstones
1 more casket
7 new bats
7 new vampires
3 new frankensteins
3 new reapers
7 new werewolves
3 new spiders
2 new pumpkins
9 new witch gifs
Hundreds of new backgrounds
72 new midis


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Most categories have been checked over for duplicates and missing/blank files have been fixed. Most categories have also been sorted by use for Dark Backgrounds, then Light Backgrounds. Also the gif page style has been updated slightly with images now spaced apart and large images being able to have their own rows. The site now resides fully on Neocities rather than using another host. Using another host was due to problems uploading the site that have been corrected since.